MEE corporate design

In 2002, the SPD (Social Pedagogical Service) which has about 30 independent organisations and 90 branches in the Netherlands, drew up its ‘New Style’ policy document. One of the points that it made was that the name SPD no longer suited its desired image.
Studio Ninaber assessed the wishes and needs of clients and employees and identified the desired identity in a collaborative process:
The SPD as a low-threshold centre that provides support for those living with a disability. This resulted in the new name MEE: MEEdenken (thinking together), MEEvoelen (feeling together), MEElachen (smiling together), MEEdoen (doing things together). This name suggests the positive, non-didactic identity of the organisation.

The name was charged through a new house-style, with appropriate tools for improving communication with clients and motivating them.
The house-style is simple and designed for ease of use so that every branch can apply it efficiently and consistently.


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